Why should sportspeople buy a new car before summer?

Are you sick of cramming your golf clubs in the boot of your hatchback? What about your cricket bag, and water skis, and hockey gear, and tennis racquets? These are all space-consuming pieces of equipment, and it won’t be comfortable to have them in a small car.

Before you get back out playing all of these sports and doing all of these activities this summer, it’s time to buy a new car through a novated lease. Don’t settle for your tiny vehicle transporting all of your sporting gear any longer. Here at Alliance Leasing, we make it so easy to get behind the wheel of a new car that you don’t have any excuses to put up with that hatchback for another summer.

What type of car should a sportsperson buy?

Generally, sedans aren’t suited to being fully loaded up with gear. The boot space is less because the roof ends just after the second row of seats – not right at the end of the car. In a station wagon, the roof carries on all the way to the tailgate. You’ll also have a hatch roof, which makes loading all the way to the top of the boot simple.

SUVs are also great options for people with lots of sports equipment, but not everyone wants an enormous car in their driveway. There are some great crossover options on the market, though.

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a small SUV with plenty of punch. It sits high on the road, but doesn’t take up nearly as much floor space in your garage as the much larger Touareg would.

It still has good off-road capability and plenty of grunt for when you’re in a rush to make the first ball of your cricket match. The main feature you’ll be concerned with, however, is the cargo space. This car has a whole 615 litres of it. That’s more than enough to get all of your golf clubs plus the cricket gear plus the luggage for your holiday packed in comfortably.

Peugeot 308 Touring

The Peugeot 308 Touring is an elegant station wagon that will convert you into a French-car enthusiast as soon as you’re behind the wheel. It features a whopping 625-litre boot, and sits lower to the ground than an SUV option. You’d do very well to find enough gear to fill this boot up!

These two cars are great options for upgrading from your tiny, unsuitable hatchback. If you’re looking forward to summer, but dreading lugging around your sports equipment, get in touch with Alliance Leasing today.