We debunk five novated leasing myths for you.

Five novated leasing myths busted!

We’ve busted open five novated leasing myths to shed some light on why it’s such a great option for you. Think you don’t qualify for a novated lease? Think again.

Can offering novated leasing be of benefit to your business?

Novated leasing leaves your business better off

Novated leasing can be beneficial to your entire business in more ways than one. Find out what the benefits could be if you offered it to employees.

Could the whole family benefit from a novated lease?

What could novated leasing mean for your family garage?

Why is a novated lease such a great idea for your family garage? It could end up saving you a whole lot of money, and you can get some new cars to boot!

What are the benefits of a novated lease?

How popular is novated leasing in Australia?

More than one in five cars sold in Australia are done so using a novated lease. What’s making it so popular, and what are the benefits?

Fight the rise in the cost of living with a novated lease.

Cost of living hike shows now is a good time for a novated lease

Are you feeling the pressure from the cost of living, though still need a new car? A novated lease is a rare opportunity to improve your lifestyle and pay less.

Give your boss something to think about with our five novated lease benefits for employers.

Five things to tell your boss about a novated lease

What are the benefits of a novated lease for an employer? If you’re planning to talk with your boss about novated leasing, here are five things to tell them.

Why should you get a novated lease over a personal loan?

Wondering what the differences are between personal loans and novated leases? Check out our handy infographic within to tell you more! 

What sort of fees and costs will you avoid with a novated lease?

3 costs you didn't know a novated lease would cover

What sort of costs can be bundled into a novated lease? Let’s take a look at three you might not have considered.