What was on show at SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas?

What’s on show at SEMA 2016 that you should know about?

SEMA 2016 wrapped up on November 4, and there was a lot to talk about throughout the convention. What were some of the coolest exhibitions?

What does the car dealership of the future look like?

The car dealership of the future

The rise of technology is changing how people shop, but are car dealerships going to follow suit? We sat down with Michael Lindgren to discuss the possibilities.

This is one way to get rid of your car!

Tanking! One way to get rid of your car when the lease ends

What happens when your novated lease comes to an end? Well, have you thought about tanking it? No, we didn’t either, but the Masters family did!

Will car prices rise in Australia?

Could car prices be about to skyrocket?

By 2030, half the cost of your new car will be on electronics. Could this slowly increase car prices in Australia? We take a look at the issue.

Three things May brought to the automotive table in 2016.

3 things that happened in the automotive market in May

From a big anniversary to Google’s latest innovation, May was an interesting year for Australian car-buyers. Here are three things that happened.

Could the days of the steering wheel be numbered?

Google and Chrysler team up on autonomous… minivan?

Chrysler and Google have collaborated on a new self-driving minivan, with the plan to help disabled people get around more easily.

These three cars will be gracing your local dealerships this May.

3 new cars hitting Australian dealerships in May 2016

What new cars are ready to hit the Australian market in May 2016? We’ve picked out three options for you and your novated lease. Do any catch your eye?

Insurance premiums are rising, but novated leasing is ready to help budget for it.

Car insurance to rise 3 per cent this year

Australian car owners may be worrying about a 3 per cent rise in vehicle insurance this year above inflation. Novated leasing offers a solution.

An Aussie favourite has a lot more to offer this year for novated lease shoppers.

What Holden models will be released in 2016?

Holden may be moving manufacturing away from Australia next year, but there’s plenty to come from the iconic brand, including these three new additions.

See how much motorsport has evolved, and taken us along for the ride.

Why your novated lease vehicle could actually be an F1 car

Formula One has historically been a great testing arena for commercial cars. Here are three technologies that made their way to the road via F1 motorsport.