Shift your mindset with EV

The Tesla Model X Electric Vehicle has been delivered and we are taking it for a drive to test its legs. Here in Western Australia the relative freedoms are being enjoyed following the first wave of Covid-19, the intrastate borders are open and road trips are on the agenda.

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Employee Employer Simple administration process, we make it easy No FBT liability Real time service Comprehensive reporting The vehicle goes with the employee if they leave Reduce your payroll and workers compensation premiums Increase your cash in hand Pay for your car and all running costs before your income is taxed! Don’t pay GST That’s […]

What is novated leasing?

A novated lease is a three way agreement between you, your employer and Alliance Leasing that enables you to spend your income before it is taxed and receive more cash in hand on payday! Sounds interesting? Watch the video below to find out how you can start saving today.

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Accelerate your savings! Pay less tax and drive your dream car. At Alliance Leasing we take the stress out of salary packaging a car. We handle the entire process from organising your finance to finding the best priced car, all with real time service guaranteed! All calls answered within 3 rings No set up, exit […]

What sort of vehicle are you opening the door to this year?

The cars of 2016: Mazda CX-9

Looking at a novated lease in 2016? Here is one of many vehicles coming to Australia this year that you may be interested in picking up.

What are some of the financial benefits of a novated lease?

3 tax benefits of a novated lease for employers

Are you thinking about your options for expanding a vehicle fleet in 2016? Novated leasing might have the tax benefits you are looking for. 

Were you buying second-hand or new last year?

What were the best-selling cars of 2015?

Taking out finance to purchase a vehicle is an increasingly popular option for Australians, but what exactly were they buying throughout 2015? 

What are the reforms in place for taxis in NSW?

New reforms to boost the taxi industry in NSW

There are significant reforms underway for the New South Wales taxi industry, which could balance the playing field significantly throughout 2016. 

How do you keep your driving safe over the holidays?

How to stay safe in your car these holidays

Are you going on a road trip for the Christmas holidays? Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you put the keys in and get going.