What’s the best car for a construction worker?

When you’re working on a construction site, you need a vehicle that stands up to the rigours of your job. That means ground clearance, underbody protection, an interior large enough to store all of your equipment, and, of course, four-wheel-drive capability.

Most of the cars you’ll see around a work site are utes, large four-wheel-drives or station wagons. If you’re thinking about getting a new car to suit your working life, make sure you check out how beneficial a novated lease can be.

Throw everything in the tray

A ute has a large tray in place of a boot – this can be left uncovered when nothing’s inside it, because, well, nobody is going to be able to steal anything. At the end of the day, all you have to do is throw your gear straight into the tray and drive away. For added security, many utes now come with a tonneau cover, which means nobody can see into the tray.

Utes are also practical if you have a dog – you don’t have to give your furry friend a seat in the cabin, because there’s a perfectly good tray, that they can’t destroy, in the back.

If you take your dog to work, they have the perfect seat in the tray.If you take your dog to work, they’ll have the perfect seat in the tray.

These cars are the workhorses of the motoring world. A Toyota Hilux in New Zealand went past 1.2 million kilometres in July 2015, and while yours might not reach that same milestone, it’s testament to how long a ute can last if treated right.

Lift the trucks higher

Many SUVs are already high off the ground from stock, but they can be lifted even further if needed. The work site you’re on might not be straight off a main road. There could be gravel roads, large potholes or small water crossings in your way. These could require a slightly modified vehicle – a lift kit can raise an SUV or ute as much as you need (within reason, of course).

Getting over potholes or small water crossings will no longer impact the underbody of your car. You’ll get to work without any damage, plus you have the added bonus of looking cool.

The Nissan Navara NP300 or Volkswagen Amarok are great examples of workhorse vehicles for any construction site – get in touch with the Alliance Leasing team today for more information on novated leasing.