I spy with my little eye.. Road trips!

When was your last toad trip?

Road trips are great for the soul. There is something particularly satisfying about cruising in the car, on an open road, with the windows down and music cranking. For me it’s the sense of breathing space and freedom. Almost every road trip involves a few pit stops, some interesting feeds and even more interesting scenery along the way. All of which provide a unique experience every time.

So what makes a good road trip?

Company – It’s all about the people you bring along. We all have those friends who whinge and complain about anything and everything. Put simply, don’t bring them, they are not suited to a road trip. Bring the friends who love adventure, friends that will live in the moment.


Journey – Map out how you’re going to get to your destination, research whether there are any places worth stopping at, any places worth detouring to along the way. Bring a map/smart phone/GPS and always take the scenic route!

Souvenirs – Collecting a little something from the place you’ve been to is great for the pool room. Whether it’s a large ticket item or something small like a stubby cooler or a key ring, it’s always nice to collect a little memento.

Food and beverage(s) – Self-explanatory. Depending on where you’re travelling to, make sure the food and beverage box is ticked so you’re covered for the whole amount of time you’re on the trip.


Oil and tyre check – It’s a boring one, however it’s extremely important to have this checked along with your tyre pressures, including the spare tyre. It’s all about safety.

Music – This is an absolute must, especially if you’re going through areas that have poor radio signal. Regardless, make sure you have a decent and extensive playlist ready to go!

Memories – Naturally you’ll create a few, however please refer to point one, Company, make sure you bring good people!


Memory of the day. My best memory of a road trip was at the spritely age of 10. I was with my family of six in a rather popular people mover that was built for comfort, not speed. You guessed it, we were in an almighty Toyota Tarago! We were heading from the ACT to the Far South Coast, a place that almost every Canberran flocks to in the summer. Along the journey our cream coloured Tarago meandered through the famous “Clyde Mountain” which is full of all kinds of twists and turns on a very steep gradient. When we reached the peak of the Clyde I distinctly remember my mother sniffing an awkward smell in the air and enthusiastically saying “Oww I can smell the sea breeze children..”. However, the window wasn’t down and we weren’t really anywhere near the sea. I can’t say much about my mother’s sense of smell but it’s about as good as a snorkeler’s ability to smell coral.

As the thick and confronting smell lingered we all started searching for answers. Could it be the car? Could it be roadkill? It was neither. We all turned around to discover our eldest brother broke serious wind from the deep. He couldn’t contain his laughter as all the windows were wound down within seconds, the smell was unbearable. However, in this very smelly moment our whole family was in unified laughter, a long-lasting memory was born. The smell of the “sea breeze” at the top of the Clyde Mountain will forever be known as something a little more sinister than sea breeze.

Moral of the story, go on a road trip and smell the sea breeze! Discover what else is out there and don’t be afraid to try something new. Smell ya later!