Five feeds on the road

As a nation we love getting out and about, most of the time it involves being on the road and visiting either the beach, bush or city! Generally, when you’re planning a trip you’ll pack a number of edible items for the family. We’ve asked some of our most active road-tripping customers what sort of foods they cook on the road! This is mostly camping based however nothing is stopping you from packing any of these feeds for a day trip! All you need is a pan and a few flames!

Bacon and Eggs – A quintessential Aussie classic. All you need is a good esky for food storage and a half decent cast iron pan, well oiled! Once you build a small campfire you don’t necessarily need a grill, simply sit the cast iron pan directly on some hot coals and away you go. Another way to do your eggs is through the “Egg in the basket” method. Cut a hole in the middle of your bread, throw it in the pan, brown it, then flip it and crack the egg in the middle of the bread.

Nachos – Yes, you read it, nachos! A great snack, perfect for a road tripping lunch. Staying true to the cast iron pan, pack some nachos, cheese and salsa. It’s all pretty straight forward on what you need to do from there. Apparently the key is to cook this dish on low heat as it melts the cheese perfectly without burning anything else. Therefore sit the pan more towards the outside of the coals and let it do it’s magic with the cheese. For the nacho enthusiasts out there don’t forget to pack your guac!

Donuts – Who would have thought donuts! A real curve ball of a feed for a road trip, however very easy to put together. Pack some donut dough, vegetable oil and cinnamon. You can once again sit the pan on the coals directly with this dish. Once you’re done with the donuts, a cheeky little addition could be some fried bananas. Simply peel the banana, cut it in half lengthways, sprinkle some sugar on and throw it into the pan. Don’t forget to sprinkle with cinnamon afterwards also. Fried bananas are delicious!

BBQ Chicken & Salad – Salads are easy, throw one together and place straight in the esky. Marinate any sort of meat in the fridge overnight and throw that in the esky also. All you need to do now is cook it. You can use a cast iron pan again, however if you do not have access to one simply throw your food on some grill mesh. You can find grill mesh at your local hardware store for less than $10! Grilling any kind of food on the road whether it be eggplant, beef or fish just gives the food that smokey BBQ flavor that we have all come to know and love!

Marshmallows – Finishing on a sweet classic, marshmallows have a way of bringing people together for a most delicious treat. You need not a cast iron pan, but a simple camp fire and a few twigs to place the marshmallows on the end of! Let’s not get too fussy about how to make marshmallows, simply by them from your local grocery store. One of the enjoyable things about having marshmallows is going on the search for the perfect stick!

Happy eating, and please remember not to eat while driving!!