3 costs you didn't know a novated lease would cover

What do you think is included in a novated lease? For many, they only consider the finance component of a vehicle, but in reality the running costs are something that really stack up!  With a novated lease you can bundle all the running costs of a vehicle into one easy payment!

In 2015 research, IBISWorld noted that a lot of people were refinancing home loans to cover their vehicle costs, but what if you could engage in a leasing arrangement that wraps everything up in a package without having to change your mortgage? Let's look at some of the costs can be bundled into a novated lease.

Say goodbye to hidden costs when you use a novated lease!Say goodbye to hidden costs when you use a novated lease!


Whichever insurer you use to cover your vehicle, the policy can be bundled into a novated lease. We even offer our own insurance cover! Third party, fire and theft cover for other drivers can all be rolled into a novated lease package.

Even if you decide to change policies after getting into a novated lease, we can work with that and adjust the setup and ensure you are getting the best out of your lease! 

Servicing and maintenance

Servicing and maintenance, it's all included!

We all face car breakdowns at one point or another. Maybe an irresponsible driver clipped your wing mirrors, a battery needs replacing or you just require general maintenance. You might think this sort of work requires extra on your part, but actually it can be included in a novated lease.

At Alliance Leasing, we provide fully maintained novated leases. That means every bump or scratch can be covered!

Car wash

That's right, even the aesthetics can be taken care of in a novated lease arrangement. Managing these costs in a novated lease also means you pay for it before the tax man gets to it, giving what is effectively an immediate discount on maintenance and services. 

With no log book requirements, no defined amount of kilometres you have to drive to achieve certain benefits and full transparency, an Alliance novated leasing arrangement is ideal for anyone that wants to cover all their bases with one simple payment.

What's more, it all happens before you even get your paycheck – the process is effectively automated. If you want to find out more about what's covered and how you can work with a novated lease, get in touch with the Alliance team.