Zoom-Zoom to the snow these School Holidays

This week we’ve headed south in our brand-new Mazda CX-9 loaded with the whole family, plus luggage, bound for the Snowy Mountains. What better way of testing out the new wheels in differing terrain then the winding road to Perisher! Suitcases securely stored in the incredible 1042 litres of boot space, three children strapped in to the second row – and still enough space for the children to argue over, this is one massive SUV.

Our trip starts south of Canberra on the Monaro Highway weaving our way around the sweeping bends and undulations which the car takes in its stride without an issue. We’re heading for the midway stop of the trip to let the kids stretch their legs, the lovely town of Cooma. After an hour and a half of driving we arrive at our favourite place to stop in the region, the Alpine Hotel. With a diverse menu that suits all food requirements and a short stroll down to Centennial Park for those who like to keep the step count up for the day!

Our trip continues down Kosciuszko Road, towards Jindabyne, the next stop on our trip. As you depart Cooma and sweep over the hills the incredible snow caped mountains of the Kosciuszko National Park appear through the windscreen willing you on. Whilst the Cruise Control in this car is fantastic, you won’t want to turn it on with the CX-9 more akin to a sports car than the big SUV that it is. The road twists and turns and becomes steadily steeper which the All-Wheel Drive of the CX-9, even loaded to the brim, gobbles up as the big white stuff looms ever closer.

Jindabyne is the last stop on this trip before we arrive at our accommodation for the week. Jindabyne has all the essentials for the days ahead, stock up on the groceries, grab your snow chains and make sure you’ve checked out the shops for any last-minute snow gear.

We take a left hand turn out of Jindabyne down Alpine way towards our destination, Lake Crackenback, by Novotel. On this road you’ll appreciate why the CX-9 has won so many awards and the 2017 Car of the Year. Even with the kids in the back and needing to drive a touch slower, to alleviate any stomach grumbles, this drive will leave you grinning ear to ear and craving for an excuse to duck off by yourself back to Jindabyne to really see what this car is capable of!

Here the road trip ends, for the week, as Crackenback is linked directly to the Ski Tube taking you and the family for a week of fun at Perisher Snow Fields…. At least you won’t be dreading the drive back home….. Luxury very much does meet Family in the CX-9.