The most surprisingly fun-to-drive cars in Australia

If you’re on a budget, you’re not likely looking for a car that has that “fun factor”. With fuel-efficiency, safety and comfort all high on your agenda, the thought of having a car that gets the blood pumping when you’re behind the wheel is not something everyone aims for.

Even affordable cars can be thrilling to drive.

But perhaps it should be. New research from Roy Morgan shows that there is a general misconception among Australia’s car-buying population. Some brands of car seem like they’re going to be a bore to drive when you’re first asking your boss about a novated lease, though once you’re on the road, they blow away all your expectations.

Here are three car manufacturers that fit this mould:

1) Peugeot

The French manufacturer has long been known as a budget option – some would even view Peugeot as middle of the road. However, perhaps these people haven’t seen the manufacturer’s efforts in rally, touring cars and Formula One, all of which show the level of engineering in the brand’s repertoire.

The fact is, while a measly 5 per cent of car buyers who are lucking for a fun car think a Peugeot will scratch their itch, a much larger 35 per cent of Peugeot owners would describe their vehicles as fun.

Don’t discount the French favourite when looking for your next novated lease car.

2) Subaru

For a reason we can’t explain, only 24 per cent of fun-seeking Australian car buyers think a Subaru would fit the bill. Have they not seen the 2017 Subaru Impreza?

Regardless, it seems many of them could be wrong. Roy Morgan found the Japanese brand made some of the most fun-filled cars on the market today (second only to Volkswagen) with 44 per cent of owners saying theirs is a thrilling ride.

3) Skoda

Few cars have had as tough a time as Skoda in terms of its public perception. The Czech manufacturer was known for making rather boring cars in its earlier years; though that largely changed at the turn of the millennium with the introduction of the Fabia and Octavia.

And yet, it’s an image the manufacturer is still trying to shake, with 5 per cent of fun-seekers saying they’d consider a Skoda a savvy purchase. In reality, 33 per cent of Skoda owners say it is a fun car to drive. Certainly worth another look, we’d say.

What will your next car be?

While none of these cars hit the fun levels of, say, a Ferrari or McLaren, they do show how even affordable cars can be thrilling to drive. The good news is that whether you’re looking for a supercar or a fun little runner, novated leasing has you covered, letting you shave 10 per cent of the purchase price in the process.

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