The best road trips in the world

The Australian tarmac is some of the best in the world for long drives – the roads stretch as far as the eye can see, and many feature a lot of the Australian coastline.

If you’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of a brilliant car and eat up the kilometres on some of the best road trips in the world, then a novated lease can help. Alliance Leasing will get you behind the wheel of your dream new car, while saving you money, so you can head off and see the country in the most enjoyable way. Some of the trips on this list aren’t in Australia, but they might be all the inspiration you need to book your next overseas adventure.

What trips would you do, and what car would you drive?

1) The Great Ocean Road (250 kilometres)

As the shortest road trip on this list, it might be easy to skip over it and say that it’s not worth your time. The thousands of tourists that do it every year would beg to differ.

The Great Ocean Road is in Victoria, and starts just south of Geelong. It’s a windy road that stretches along the coast, and has a huge number of amazing photo stops. It finishes in Warrnambool, which isn’t too far from Mount Gambier in South Australia, so if you wanted to see that landmark, you could continue the trip even further!

Some of the most incredible sights can be seen on this short road trip, including the 12 Apostles and the Port Campbell National Park.

Even though it’s only 250 kilometres, you shouldn’t rush through it all in one day like the tourist buses. Take your time, on the way there and back, and really soak in the scenery. It’s a road you should travel at least once in your life.

2) The Nullarbor (1,200 kilometres)

The Nullarbor is Australia’s longest single stretch of road, and one of the straightest in the country. There’s 146.6 kilometres of dead straight road – an eerie sight, but something driving enthusiasts will appreciate.

If you drive this road between June and October, you might catch a glimpse of whales swimming in the Great Australian Bight, as the Nullarbor spans from Norseman in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Driving from Perth to Adelaide adds even more driving time to the trip, if three days isn’t quite enough for you.

You’ll also have the privilege of seeing the Australian outback in all its glory. The red sands that stretch for miles and miles on one side, with the amazing coast on the other. The Nullarbor is a road you won’t want to miss.

3) Stuart Highway (2,800 kilometres)

The Stuart Highway is the road that runs from Port Augusta to the Katherine River in the far north of Australia. The tarmac between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek is the real reason so many people love this drive – it has no speed limit.

For around 340 kilometres in total, you can go as fast as you like. So few cars travel on this road that it’s not as dangerous as it might sound, and the road is in excellent condition. There aren’t many objects or obstacles on either side of the road either, so in the unlikely event that you do leave the road, you won’t be in danger of hitting anything.

Some people love this road because it harks back to John McDouall Stuart’s famous trek on foot with no water. Some love it because it gives them a great excuse to really open up their engines and feel like a true race car driver. Whatever your reasons for driving the Stuart Highway, you’ll enjoy the long trip.

4) Icelandic Ring Road (1,300 kilometres)

The N1 motorway in Iceland goes right around the outside of the island. It’s a little over 1,300 kilometres, but to really experience all that the Ring Road has to offer, you should spend at least a week in the car and sight-seeing.

From the Fjords to volcanic craters and lava fields, the Ring Road is a spectacular journey that all motoring enthusiasts will appreciate.

5) Cairo to Cape Town (12,000 kilometres)

Last, and most certainly not least, the road trip from Cairo to Cape Town is one for the more rugged road explorer. It takes far longer than any of the other journeys on this list, even if you’re driving as fast as you possibly can.

The eastern side of Africa is full of history, and some stunning scenery. You’ll be privileged enough to see the Great Pyramids at the start of the trip, the Blue Nile, the Victoria Falls and more wildlife than you can poke a stick at. This trip will take about three to six months at a relaxed pace, but that’ll fly by with all of the activities you’ll be doing.

Whatever you want out of your next great road trip, the ones on this list have it all. Choose your preferred travel time, your favourite road tripping car, and book your journey today!