Is a Toyota LandCruiser Sahara the right vehicle for you?

Choosing a new SUV to take along on holidays with you can be a tough task. There are so many great options for car leasing on the market that making the ‘right’ decision might not come easily to some people.

The Toyota LandCruiser Sahara is a fantastic option for a huge number of reasons. It’s a typically reliable Toyota engine with a long list of accessories and features that will make driving around the great Australian roads, whether it’s in the outback or the city streets, so much more enjoyable.

You can get into one much more easily with novated leasing, so is it the right option for you and your family?

An engine that doesn’t quit

The LandCruiser Sahara has one heck of a block under the hood. A 4.6-litre V8 produces an impressive 227 kilowatts of power and throws down an enormous 439 Nm of torque. Running on petrol, it’ll save you from the louder rumblings of a diesel engine, and keep the power up no matter how many revs you’re pushing through the cylinders.

For a four-wheel-drive that’s a little under five metres long, the combined fuel consumption of 13.4 litres per 100 kilometres is quite an impressive figure – particularly for a V8. On longer trips, like into the mountains or the ranging desert outback, you’ll get that figure much closer to 10 litres.

This LandCruiser has a kerb weight of 2,740 kilograms, and can tow a further 3,500 kilograms on a braked trailer. If you’ve got a boat or three that you want to take along to the riverside camp site for the weekend, you can rest assured knowing this car has the capacity to get you there easily.

Why is it perfect for longer trips?

One of the best practical features about this car is the fact that it has two fuel tanks. The primary one has a capacity of 93 litres, which is an impressive number by itself, but the auxiliary tank also takes 45 litres. A combined 138 litres of fuel will take you just about anywhere you want to go without the need for an emergency fuel stop.

Inside, those road trips become even better. As the LandCruiser Sahara is just under two metres tall and has a wheelbase of 2.85 metres, there’s more than enough room for everyone in your family plus the dogs.

A leather-accented trim comes as standard in this top-of-the-line model, while premium leather adorns the gear knob and centre console. This is a car that genuinely has room for eight adults, and comfortably, too. Behind the front row seats are two video screens that will capture the imaginations of any youngsters for hours on end. That leaves the driver to focus on the road, not what’s going on behind them, and that can make driving a whole lot more relaxing.

You might think that the LandCruiser isn’t going to be a great choice for people who don’t have arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but hydraulic power steering will allow you to really be in control of this 2.7 tonne beast without breaking a sweat.

What about the off-road capability?

For those families who are inclined to go for more adventurous drives, a car with heated seats and TV screens might not sound like it can handle itself on all kinds of terrain. That’s absolutely not the case, however, with a maximum wading depth of 700 millimetres and an approach angle reaching the ridiculous, coming in at 32 degrees.

When you’re going for that enormous hill climb or finding your way through thick bush, the Toyota LandCruiser Sahara is a surefire option to please everyone in your family.

Get into one today with a novated lease and make yourself the king of the road.