Alliance Advice: How does a customer become an employee?

At Alliance, we have a pretty strong focus on customer service. So strong, in fact, that we do not let the phone ring more than three times before a staff member picks it up and is helping you with a novated lease. In the case of Luke Matthews, our focus on customer service was good enough that he decided he actually wanted to work with us!

“There isn’t much of an emphasis on outstanding customer service in this day and age,” he says, “but dealing with [Alliance] I quickly realised how important it was to them, and those are the sort of companies you want to be involved with.”

First steps

Luke’s first interaction with Alliance was back when he worked in the ACT and was introduced to the concept of buying a car through a novated lease. He didn’t just learn about the product either – he had a number of myths surrounding it dispelled.

“I used to wonder what the point was in [a novated lease], and whether I would have to use it for work travel only, I had this idea that I’d have to drive a certain number of kilometres in order to qualify for a novated lease,” he states.

“But after talking to Alliance, I realised that wasn’t the case at all, I could use the car for 100% private use.””

Luke took out a novated lease to secure an Audi A4, a vehicle he wouldn’t have been able to afford if he was paying for it up front. With maintenance, insurance and all the other costs rolled into a pre-tax payment, he quickly realised how good the product could be for people looking to get a vehicle with minimal financial stress.

“It made a dream a reality,” he says.

Taking it to the next level

We try and give every customer this sort of experience, helping them realise the benefits of a novated lease while also providing the best possible customer service, and it’s always great to see people recognise that. In fact, when an opportunity arose for people to apply for a businesses development manager role here at Alliance, we were thrilled to have Luke come on board as part of the team.

It wasn’t just the customer service and the product that encouraged Luke to work with us either – it was the entire business ethos.

“Many [vehicle finance] companies charge entry fees, exit fees, lots of hidden costs for various things,” he says.

“Alliance is built around a model that’s the exact opposite of this. Everything is transparent, everything is on paper and the numbers don’t lie.”

We were thrilled to have Luke on board, and he’s thriving in a new environment at our Brisbane office.

“They have created a lifetime brand ambassador in me, which is the goal of any small business really.”

He says it wasn’t difficult to do and is now applying what he loved about us as a consumer to his role as an employee. The stories of how people come to be employed somewhere aren’t always the most interesting, but with Luke, it’s a prime example of how our focus on customer service can pay dividends.

Try giving us a call to talk about a novated lease – we’ll chat to you in three rings or less!