3 new cars hitting Australian dealerships in May 2016

It may seem like only yesterday when we were breaking out the fireworks and bringing in the new year, but May is already upon us – and with it, plenty of new car options to buy using a novated lease.

Novated leasing is a popular way to immediately take 10 per cent off the purchasing price of a new car, and it’s become very popular in Australia. At the same time, the new-car market is thriving, making it a great time to pick up a stellar car for an absolute bargain.

Novated leasing is a popular way to immediately take 10 per cent off the purchasing price of a new car.

But which car do you buy? There are plenty of new ones out in May across Australia; we look at three of the best.

1) Audi A6 (Allroad)

Not all off-road cars have to look like a ute. Audi’s 2016 A6 Allroad proves just that with a wagon that’s built for the family, though still stays capable on rugged terrain.

It’s an interesting concept, and perhaps a niche one, but when you see what the A6 (and Audi’s smaller A4) looks like, you’ll see there’s no compromise in terms of styling. With a sports sedan look, though built as an SUV, the A6 is a spacious monster.

In fact, one of the car’s biggest strengths is the amount of space inside. The A6 has plenty of leg room and storage, while a 14-speaker, 600-Watt sound system screams luxury – and that’s not mentioning the optional BOSE surround-sound system.

When we look under the hood, we realise that the luxurious interior is only half of the story. The A6’s three-litre TDI engine kicks out 160kW of power and torque up to 500Nm, pulling the vehicle up and over most terrain types.

As always with Audi, there’s superb ride quality and styling that turns heads. Our verdict: there’s not a lot (if anything) to dislike.

2) BMW X5 xDrive40e

Whew! What a mouthful! Though you can forget about the “xDrive40” bit of the name; all you need to know is that it’s a new 2016 version of the superlative X5 model, and it’s a plug-in hybrid car.

If you’ve been using some eco-driving techniques to help cut down on your petrol or diesel costs, you may be interested in a hybrid or electric car. BMW says the X5 xDrive40e can travel 30 kilometres emission-free, and with absolutely no fuel consumption, before the turbocharged, two-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine kicks in.

The SUV also comes with three main modes: AUTO eDRIVE, the solely electric-powered MAX eDRIVE mode and the SAVE BATTERY mode, providing power or fuel efficiency whenever either is needed.

To onlookers, the car looks imperceptible to the standard BMW X5, save for the lettering on the back and the electric charger socket located near the hood, showing that not all electric cars have to look like this!

For comfort, power, style and fuel efficiency, it’s a great addition to May’s new car roster.

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3) Suzuki Vitara Turbo

Suzuki has been a pioneer in bringing top-quality SUVs to the Australian market, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing with the 2016 Vitara Turbo. The compact SUV offers two- or four-wheel-drive options, depending on how you intend to use it, and the turbocharged 1.4-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine is built as a middle-ground between power and efficiency.

The Vitara is a conservative beast, not as powerful or luxurious as the above options, but also much more affordable – and you can save even more money with a novated lease. The 103kW and 220Nm of torque produced is enough to take this SUV around town as well as off the road, though won’t burn through the fuel like its competitors.

If it’s technology you like, the new Vitara has it in spades, offering driver assist systems like satellite navigation and reversing cameras, as well as practicality through its seven-inch multimedia screen.

Drive called the Vitara “Goliath-beating” and “the best all-rounder on the strength of its value, space, flexibility and long-term ownership credentials”, so is a real consideration for car buyers this year. Expect to see it in your local dealership this month.