Vehicle Lease Calculator Australia

Check out Our Vehicle Lease Calculator in Australia

If you’ve been wondering how to save money on your next car lease, using Alliance Leasing’s vehicle lease calculator in Australia is the perfect place to start. Our business focuses on novated car leasing, which is the most tax-effective way to lease a car in Australia. We have designed our leasing calculator to show you how much money you can save by choosing a novated car lease.

Benefits of Working with Alliance Leasing

Novated car leasing is a leasing model that involves three parties: you, Alliance Leasing, and your employer. This three-way structure delivers numerous benefits that you can’t get from a traditional two-way leasing agreement. 

  • Convenience: Buying or leasing a car can be complicated. Even if you’ve already picked out the car that you want—which is no small step—you still need to figure out financing, insurance, and ongoing expenses such as fuel, tyres, maintenance, servicing, and roadside assistance. We handle all these things and even bundle them into one easy, convenient payment.
  • Affordability: What our vehicle lease calculator will show you is just how affordable novated leasing can be. Your employer covers GST, and you get to make your payments pre-tax rather than post-tax. These factors reduce your out-of-pocket spending and your taxable income, which means big savings for most buyers.
  • Experienced service: You can put your trust in our team to help you navigate every stage of the leasing process. We regularly work with employers and employees in both the public and private sectors. We even perform leasing work for ACT and Queensland government employees. There is a direct line between our ample experience and the quality service that we provide to every customer.

Tips for Using Our Vehicle Lease Calculator in Australia

To get the most accurate results from our motor vehicle lease calculator, follow these tips.

  • Know exactly which car you want: Do you have a dream car in mind? Have you been shopping around at local dealerships and have found a car that you think suits all your needs? We’ve loaded make, model, year, body type, and variant and trim information into our vehicle lease calculator. The more specific that you can be about the type of car that you are thinking about leasing, the more accurate we can be with our savings predictions.
  • Think about how much you drive: One of the fields on our calculator asks how many kilometres you drive each year. You don’t have to be exact—most people aren’t 100 percent sure. However, by consulting documents including oil change receipts and files from vehicle servicing, you should be able to provide a ballpark figure for how far you drive in an average year. This information can help us with accuracy, too.
  • Choose your lease term: How long do you want to spend driving the same car? Lease terms can range from one year to five years depending on your preferences. Remember: you can always refinance and re-lease at the end of the initial lease if you decide that you want to keep your current car.

Once you’ve provided all the requested information, click ‘Calculate Savings’ to put our motor vehicle lease calculator to work.

About Alliance Leasing

We have been serving the Australian vehicle lease market since 2015 via offices in Brisbane, Canberra, and Perth. Our goal is to offer a higher level of customer service and savings than customers are used to getting with new car leases. For proof, try out our vehicle lease calculator in Australia and get in touch with us directly.