Car Lease Victoria

Get Started With A Functional Car Lease in Victoria

Finding an affordable car lease in Victoria doesn’t have to be a gruelling process. Instead, turn to a leasing company that puts people’s experiences first, such as Alliance Leasing. We aim to keep your experience as fee-free as possible with transparent payments and multiple leasing options.

What Makes Our Vehicle Leasing in Victoria Appealing

Take your leasing options seriously by partnering with a leasing company that takes you seriously.

  • Customer care: Car leasing in Victoria can be complicated for those unfamiliar with the specifics. Our experience in the industry makes the process easier for you. From start to finish, we walk you through every step with ease. We prioritise you because we believe a lasting lease should come with enduring satisfaction.
  • No deposit required: One of the advantages of using a quality leasing company is the lack of an initial deposit. We keep your payments simple by having no documentation, entry or exit fees to manage. We also help you acquire generous fleet discounts on various makes and models. You can walk away with your dream car sooner than you ever expected.
  • Utilise your current car: We know you might be attached to your current vehicle, which is why we offer the ability to refinance and existing lease into a novated lease with the car you already have! Our sale and leaseback options help you keep the vehicle you’ve grown fond of while still allowing you to take advantage of the various leasing benefits.

Little Known Facts About Novated Car Leases in Victoria

These leases can seem complicated, but we help make it as simple as possible. Check out the benefits below to see if it’s right for you.

  • Can change with your job: When you start a novated lease in Victoria the vehicle in question will be registered under your name, not the company. This registration means you can switch it when you change companies and use it for personal use as you like. We can assist with the transfer of leases as well whenever it becomes necessary.
  • Pre-tax payments: If you’re looking for ways to gain tax benefits, look no further. Your payments will be pulled from your pre-tax salary directly by your company. This option is especially beneficial as it reduces your taxable income, so you save money coming and going! The cost also goes to cover repairs, insurance, roadside assistance and other regular expenses that are involved in owning a car.
  • End of lease options: When the payment terms come to an end, there will be a balloon payment that you can choose to pay off to own the car. However, we also offer the options to switch to a newer model and refinance. This switch lets you upgrade and continue to enjoy the benefits of tax reduction leasing.

Why Choose Alliance Leasing

When you finance with us, you choose the leading company in customer satisfaction. We care about all our customers and answer all inquiries with the utmost haste, so you have what you need when you need it. Our three office locations are in Brisbane, Canberra and Perth for your convenience. Take your car options into your hands today by contacting us for help.