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Pay less tax and drive your dream car. At Alliance Leasing we take the stress out of salary packaging a car. We handle the entire process from organising your finance to finding the best priced car, all with real time service guaranteed!

Alliance Leasing is your official Novated Leasing Partner.

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What is novated leasing?

A novated lease is a three way agreement between you, your employer and Alliance Leasing that enables you to spend your income before it is taxed and receive more cash in hand on payday! Sounds interesting? Watch the video below to find out how you can start saving today.
Increase your cash in hand
Pay for your car and all running costs before your income is taxed!
Don’t pay GST
That’s a 10% saving on the cost of the car, fuel and all running costs.
All vehicle costs are budgeted into one payment. No more surprise bills.
100% personal use
No requirement for a logbook or minimum kilometres travelled.
Lease multiple cars
Lease multiple cars for everyone in your family and save even more.
Simple administration process, we make it easy
No FBT liability
Real time service
Comprehensive reporting
The vehicle goes with the employee if they leave
Reduce your payroll and workers compensation premiums

Alliance Leasing Specials

Ford Ranger Sport V6
Per Fortnight
Including all running costs
Haval H6 Ultra
Per Fortnight
Including all running costs
Honda HR-V Vi-X
Per Fortnight
Including all running costs