Are Electric Vehicles the way of the future?

Fully electric vehicles are completely propelled by electric motors, with a lot less moving parts than a conventional vehicle they are seen to be cheaper to run and maintain. It goes without saying that electric vehicles (EV) have experienced rapid development over the last few years, with the momentum only building in this space. Figures […]

To pump…or not

Petrol, diesel, hybrid, PHEV or electric? Is it time to embrace electric technology in some form in your next car? The automotive landscape is shifting in a big way.¬† Technology in cars is set to change more dramatically in the next decade than it has in the last century. ¬†Some manufacturers are embracing electrified technology […]

Long weekend Car-cation

  If Stay-cation was ‘so 2019’ then Car-cation is ‘so 2020’. Where stay-cations have us looking to our own city (or backyard) to holiday a car-cation has us leaning on our car as the main focus of the holiday and all the ways you can incorporate the safety of your own personal space and room […]