Shift your mindset with EV

The Tesla Model X Electric Vehicle has been delivered and we are taking it for a drive to test its legs. Here in Western Australia the relative freedoms are being enjoyed following the first wave of Covid-19, the intrastate borders are open and road trips are on the agenda.

So, let us firstly introduce you to the Model X – it holds the title of having the largest range in the current Australian EV market with up to 580km meaning range anxiety is a thing of the past. Planning a road trip with an EV however is a new experience, it is a mindset shift to travel being a journey not purely a destination.  Careful planning is required to ensure you have appropriate cables and leads and the supporting apps for charging away from home. Thankfully the EV community is strong with the Tesla online groups providing immense support to new owners navigating life and travel with an EV. This, alongside the handy apps such as Plugshare mean you can plan your trip with confidence in mind.

When driving a Tesla, the most important thing is to remember to give the official wave to fellow Tesla drivers you pass *also there is not one, we made that up.

Boot Space and features are not lacking

The literage seems impressive, but can you actually fit everything you need – how does literage translate into usage. You’ll be happy to know that packing this SUV for a family is surprisingly easy, with the combination of the frunk (that’s the front boot where a regular car’s engine would usually be) as well as the trunk having the ability to lift out one internal layer nearly doubling its size we were to be able to fit 2 suitcases along with all the other necessities needed for a trip away. Remember, get in the habit early of putting those charging cables in the frunk where they are easily accessible if needed.

This top of the range vehicle packs all features you’d expect with plenty of cup holders (including adjustable ones, you know, so the thermos of coffee can fit) and if you purchase the rubber floor mats (RECOMMEND!!!) you won’t be fretting about the children jumping into the car with muddy feet.


Nestled in the South West of Australia the Margaret River region boasts stunning roads and scenery just asking for your new Tesla to cruise through. Charging stations are conveniently placed at private wineries and beside playgrounds and shopping centers meaning you really can plan to stop where is convenient for your family. We chose to stop at the Bunbury Tesla Supercharger, which with a Model X provides free charging. It is ideally placed beside a well sized shopping complex including a playground resulting in a quick charge that is convenient for everybody in the family. Charging here having left the Perth Metropolitan area 1.5 hours prior means you can enter the Margaret River region with enough battery ready to explore the area without needing to rush to the nearest charging station.

EV for life

There is alot to keep you busy in the Margs region and its not just all wineries and brewerys, but one activity that we thought was quite apt to enjoy was the Electric Quad Bike Tours. Like Tesla these EcoBikes are world leaders in their field, they seemingly float over established delicate trails within the Boranup National Forest allowing guests to enjoy the national park and incredible landscape on this guided tour. There is lots to love about this tour and we are big supporters of something that has been created with environmental sustainbility and eco tourism in mind.

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The Boranup National Forest as seen from the Eco Quad bikes with Eco Adventure Tours Margaret River

Features, and more features

What we love about Tesla? It is not hard to see the kind of thought designing behind Tesla with Elon Musk packing each vehicle with an abundance of features including gaming console (WHAT!), fart noises and even a fire place (?) within the X.

The features of the model X and EV technology are evident on a long trip such as this one with the drive being smooth and the features within autopilot and self-drive functions tested to their capacity. This car definitely in the ‘communicator’ category letting you know about upcoming safety risks or changes to the speed limit.

The Model X price range starts at $150,000 with driveaway options in with everything from exterior and interior colour scheme to wheel style, seating (5-7 seats) and autopilot package.

Our team is ready to take your call if you want to chat further about how you can benefit from choosing a novated lease for your new electric vehicle purchase. Or you can use our free online calculator to see how leasing would work for you.