Mud-hungry four-wheel-drives for the summer

Mud in the tyres. Sand in the foot well. Not being able to see out the windscreen because it's so dirty that your wipers aren't working. Priceless.

Those are just some of the experiences that people who love off-roading crave. When you're so far into an adventure that you need to get the mud off your car just to keep going. If you don't have a four-wheel-drive, it's unlikely that you're going to be able to do this sort of driving. Getting a suitable SUV for the trip of a lifetime is possible through a novated lease.

1) Toyota LandCruiser 200

Toyota vehicles have long been considered among the best in the world for their longevity and reliability. The LandCruiser 200 is a major reason for this.

As far as off-roaders go, this leads the pack. Timeless design (and we mean harking right back to the 90s models), solid engineering and a typically strong engine help this car go anywhere and everywhere. It's a no-brainer, because this car has everything you could want. Throw on a steel bull bar and some roof racks and you can take everything with you, anywhere you want to go.

How's that for a holiday?

2) Jeep Renegade

A relative newcomer to the SUV game compared to the other models on this list, the Jeep Renegade brings alternative design to the table. It's a cool car to look at, and there's a lot to love about its heart for adventure too.

You can deck the cabin out in luxury, so when the outside is muddy, the inside will still feel as cosy as always. There are more than enough entertainment features available too, including a nine-speaker Beats Audio sound system.

3) Mitsubishi Pajero

The Mitsubishi Pajero is possibly the most versatile SUV available right now. You can fold the seats down, remove parts of the floor and strap as much as you can to the outside, just so you can take everything you want with you on your adventure.

It also looks great – it's powerful, big and sounds like it's prepared for everything you can throw at it. So, give it a try, and see how hard it is to make this car give up on a steep rock face, or a muddy track. You'll have a whole lot of fun.

Start planning your off-road adventures today and get behind the wheel of one of these four-wheel-drives through a novated lease. Alliance Leasing has everything you need, so get going!