How to Choose a Partner to Provide Your Car Lease in Canberra

Is your employer offering you the opportunity to add a car lease in Canberra to your benefits package? A novated lease, which is an agreement between an agent, you, and your employer, allows you to pay for a vehicle from pre-tax pay—reducing your taxable income and guaranteeing that you don’t have to use big chunks of your take-home pay on a vehicle. At Alliance Leasing, we’ve made it our mission to demystify novated vehicle leasing and provide a smooth pathway to choosing your next set of wheels.

Key Questions to Ask Alliance Leasing About a Novated Car Lease in Canberra

Have a lot of questions about the process after reading your employer’s benefits brochure? Don’t worry; that’s normal. While the process is simple, it doesn’t always look that way. Come prepared to discuss these questions with our team:

The Importance of Our Help for Vehicle Leasing in Canberra

Why is it so crucial to work alongside a leasing company such as ours? There are many ways that our help contributes to a better outcome for our clients.

Why Our Service for Car Leasing in Canberra Is Cost-Effective

At Alliance Leasing, value is of the utmost importance to us, both regarding the value that our service provides to clients and the value that you receive for your investment. With no additional fees and a clear structure for what automatically comes out of your pay cheque, you can avoid surprises and enjoy driving a late-model-year vehicle for the duration of your term. When time is up, you can explore new options that allow you to start the process over again. Discover your next steps today—say hello to our team.