Car Lease QLD

Learn the Financial and Other Advantages of a Novated Car Lease in QLD

Are you in the market for a car lease in QLD? Then you should know about novated leasing, a type of vehicle financing that includes a financially beneficial third party into the purchasing agreement. That means that your employer joins you and the seller in a three-party lease in which your employer makes the lease payments out of your pre-tax salary. Your income tax will be calculated on your reduced taxable salary, leaving you with more disposable income. 

The Importance of a Novated Car Lease in QLD

As an employee, you stand to gain much from novated car leasing in QLD. Here are some of the ways this type of car financing can help you.

  • Tax benefits. Because your novated lease will be repaid from your pre-tax income, you will earn a smaller taxable income and pay a lower rate of tax.
  • Saved money. You may have the option to use a corporate fleet discount, which may lower the overall price of your car (although this may reduce the number of options you have regarding the type of vehicle you may lease). 
  • No usage restrictions. You will be able to use your leased vehicle for any means you like (both personal and business use), and there is no limit to the number of kilometres you may travel.
  • Easy payments. Your payments will come out of your pre-tax income each month, so there’s no need to remember to make your payments on time. 

Key Questions to Ask Alliance Leasing about Vehicle Leasing in QLD

Anytime you commit to vehicle financing, you’ll naturally have some questions. At Alliance Leasing, we’ll take the time to explain everything you need to know and make sure that we answer all the questions you may have. Here are a few questions to ask to ensure that you understand the process and the terms of your lease. 

  • What is a novated lease? It may sound obvious, but not everyone has a solid understanding of what this type of leasing is and how it works. We’ll explain what it is and how it works without pressuring you into committing.
  • What are the interest rates? Interest rates vary depending on your lender, your individual financial situation, and your credit history. We’ll try to find you the best possible interest rates.
  • What role does my employer play? Your employer will make the lease payments and pay the operating costs out of your pre-tax salary. You may only apply for novated leasing if your employer offers it, so ask them about this first.
  • What will happen if I lose my job? If your employment terminates, you’ll have some options: take your lease to a new employer, continue making the payments on your own directly to the lender, or pay out your lease in full and terminate it early.

About Alliance Leasing

At Alliance Leasing, we strive to take all the stress out of obtaining the car of your dreams. We’ll handle the entire process of novated leasing for you, from organising your finances to finding the best rates for you, all with top-notch customer service. We charge no hidden fees – you’ll only make your single monthly payment. We serve the private and public sectors. Contact Alliance Leasing today to learn more about your novated car lease in Queensland.